Student Travel Grant - Xue Liu & Chunlei Yue

Posted 14 April, 2016

We are excited to have sponsored Xue Liu & Chunlei Yue, Graduate Students at Tulane University, for presenting research at the APS March Meeting 2016 in Baltimore, MD last month. Liu & Yue are recipients of our Cold Science Exploration Awards Student Travel Grants.

Xue Liu's research focuses on the intrinsic properties of nanoscale materials, especially at low temperatures. His paper "A New One-dimensional Quantum Material - Ta2,Pd3Se8 Atomic Chain" explores the discovery of a new one dimensional semiconducting nanowire. 
Chunlei Yue's research focuses on superconductivity in nanoscale materials. His paper "Unusual electronic phase transition in hydrogenated TiO2 thin layer" explores the observation of an insulating phase of the TiO2 between 50K and 20K. 
Xue Liu (left) & Chunlei Yue (right)
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