Customer Focused Development Leads to a New Base Platform

Posted 30 June, 2016

At the APS March Meeting earlier this year, Montana Instruments revealed a number of new products for low temperature researchers. It has been a busy couple of months here as we prepare for the first wave of these products to hit customers’ labs. Throughout the process, we have continued to learn more and more about the capabilities and applications addressed by these user-driven technologies.


Many of you have already heard about one of our newest base platform offerings, the Fusion. The Fusion was a natural evolution of our base Cryostation platform, offering a 3.2K base temperature inside an expanded sample space of ø95mm for increased experimental flexibility. This product was truly a user-driven development, with our custom engineering team rallying around the challenges associated with addressing a multitude of application requirements in a single, high performance offering.

Members of the Montana Instruments team share a toast to celebrate the finished product.

The first set of Fusions went to the University of Chicago and the University of Connecticut.

Altogether, it was designed it to address a common customer request for more working volume AND solve existing frustrations related to the sensitivity of wiring on cryogenic performance. Aside from the flexible sample chamber size, the Fusion boasts a redesigned platform which incorporates a modular cold circuit board for plug-and-play sample electronics.

View of the Fusion circuit board inside the cold sample chamber.

Quick-click MDR26 side connectors on the outside of the Fusion chamber connect to the sample platform via flexible circuits which simplify wire management and prevent interference. The 25 electrical feedthroughs are routed to a pre-lagged circuit board inside the sample space, allowing users to plug directly into the header pins without the use of thermal clamps. Portions of the modular circuit board can also be replaced with standard feedthroughs to any of the four available base side panels, such as RF coax, fiber optics, or gas inputs. The end result? Lower heat loads, more robust configurations, and simple setup!

For more information about our Cryostation Base Platforms and to find out which one may be best for your application, contact the engineers at Montana Instruments.